Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 25, 2010

The following have been deduced from Apollo Justice. Unfortunately, because it doesn't work so well on the emulator, I couldn't take any screenshots. I can describe the context in which I found them though.

Zurückgezogen - reclusive, shy (or something similar. Literally means "taken back".)
Was used in the context to describe Drew Misham's lifestyle--he never left his house, and only communicated with the outside world through snail mail.

Einfluss - influence
Was used to describe the "influence" of Drew's lifestyle over his daughter, Vera.

Röntgen - X ray
I saw this twice, and figured it out the second time I saw it--the first time was to describe some documents in a safe relating to Wocky's operation (which was signed by his "girlfriend", Alita). The second time, it was the device Ema was using to examine the documents sealed inside envelopes, and to see sketches underneath paintings (and that usage made it rather obvious).

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