Thursday, November 6, 2008

November 5, 2008

(The following have been deduced from Final Fantasy VII.)

I took the time to take screenshots of all the limit breaks in German. For the purposes of comparison, I also did the same with the English version.

Some words used in compounds:
Mut = courage; the adjective is brave or courageous; Kreuz = cross; Angriff = attack; Schlag = hit, strike, blow; Strahl = ray, beam; Kling = "sound"; Gefahr = danger, hazard; Regen = rain; Sprung = jump; Drache = dragon; Macht = force, power; vernichten = to destroy, damage, harm (something like that); Zahn = fang; Tempo = speed; Blut = blood; Stern = star; Mond = moon; Heulen = to howl; Erde = earth; Gedächtnis = thoughts, memory; Biest = beast; Todes = death; Hölle = hell; Blitz = lightning; Panzer = armor, armored; Handschuh = glove (from Hand and Schuh = shoe); Ende = end; Leben = life; Kraft = power, ability; Heilen = to heal; Böse = bad, evil; versiegeln = to seal; Atem = breath; Zorn = fury, rage; Große = large, big, great; Lehre = teaching; Rad = wheel; Wasser = water; Tritt = kick; Delphin = dolphin; Himmel = heaven

1: "Brave attack", "Cross strike"
2: "Sound beam", "Climhazard"
3: "Meteorain", "Last touch" (I'm not sure if Schliff is touch...)
4: "Omnistrike"

1: "Mega jump", "Dynamite"
2: "Hyper jump", "Dragon"
3: "Dragon jump", "Random attack" (Not so sure about the first compound...)
4: "Highwind" (It's just a name)

1: "Power strike", "MP-destroyer"
2: "Grenade", "Hammer blow"
3: "Satellite Beam", "Ungarmax" (Yet another name)
4: "Catastrophe"

1: "Sledfang", "Lunar Speed"
2: "Bloodfang", "Stardust Ray"
3: "Howling Moon", "Earth Attack"
4: "Cosmo Memory"

(There are only four for this one)
1: "Galian Beast"
2: "Deathgigas"
3: "Hellmask"
4: "Chaos"

1: "Greased Lightning" (I suppose it's greased), (no idea at all...)
2: "Earth Hazard", "Bloodfest"
3: "Armor Glove" (which really just amounts to Gauntlet anyways), "End of the Living"
4: "Spiritual Power"

1: "Healing Wind", "Seal Evil"
2: "Breath of the Earth", "Fury Sound"
3: "Planet Protector", "Life Pulse"
4: "Great Teaching" (No idea if that's plural or singular)

(Yes, this one only has two.)
1: (It looks like "throw" as in "throwing a dice", but the English one says Dice...)
2: "Wheels" (I suspect that's the plural for "Rad"; in which case, I guess they say "wheels" in German if you want to say gambling slots.)

1: "Hitstorm", "Sommersault"
2: "Water kick", "Meteodrive"
3: "Dolphin Blow", "Meteorstrike"
4: "Final Heaven" (I have also seen "Endgültiger" as in "Endgültiger Angriff", for Final Attack.)

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Anonymous said...

Wuerfel - dice
noun: capital W without "n" at the end

wuerfeln - to throw a dice
verb: small w and a "n" at the end (typical for infinitive in german)

werfen - to throw