Friday, November 7, 2008

November 6, 2008

(The following have been deduced from Final Fantasy VII.)

"My front hind legs...... my tail is almost being ripped out!!" (there's a screenshot where I actually show an instance of Schwanz being tail; the first time I saw it was in a battle, but it usually goes away too quickly for me to get the screenshot; Vorderbeine = front legs; Vorder = "front", Bein = leg, hinter = behind; reißen = to rip; I suppose ab may as well mean "off", but then I wonder if there's a difference between using aus and ab.)

This is the ending sequence to the game. I just thought it would be cool to include it.


"......I believe, I understand so slowly."


"An answer from the planet..." (I guess that means "von" takes the indirect object.)

"The promised land..." (I always thought Versprochen was a promise though. Maybe it's a synonym.)

"I believe I can meet her...there" (Although the ellipses actually occurs before the verb, "to meet".)

"Let us go and see her after."

"Hey, then where is everyone?"


"I am happy, that you are all in safety."

"They all appear also to be in safety."

"But...what would we do now?"

"Holy would soon set itself in motion," (Bewegung = motion; as in bewegen = to move; as for sich, it's probably a reflexive pronoun. Maybe.)

"And that means, that everyone/everything here..."

"Oh, luck, don't leave me now..."

"Shit!!" (I was told there was a more idiomatic word for this...In other words, Mist = crap, plain and simple.)

"The flowergirl?" (Blumen = flower)

"But wait a minute!"

"What would happen with Midgar?"

"We cannot let that!" (It doesn't actually say "happen"...)

"I have sent everyone in the slums,"

"to bring themselves in safety,"

"But now it seems as so..." ("such")

"It is too late for Holy."

"The meteor nears the planet itself." (näheren (or is it nähern?) = to near, approach; as in nähe = near, the preposition)

"Holy has the opposite effect." (I would like to see entgegengesetzten more often, but for now, I'll simply concede it means opposite; it is, afterall, simply "set against"; ent- + gegen + gesetzen)

"Forget Midgar,"

"We must take care of the planet ourselves."

"What is that!?"

"What the devil IS that......?"


"It is coming." (Literally, it says "he", which might imply that "Lebensstrom" or "Strom" is masculine, but how does that little girl know that? She's supposed to be as clueless as everyone else on that airship was...)

Chor = choir, Sopran = soprano, Alt = alto (not to be confused with the adjective, alt = old; but that's not hard if alt isn't capitalized) Tenor = tenor, Bass = bass

I think I saw the name of that song in the English credits some time ago, but now I can't remember what it was called...was it "All Creation" or was it some variation of it?

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Anonymous said...

"We cannot let that!" (It doesn't actually say "happen"...)
lassen - to let
ZUlassen - to let sth. happen

This game has to be very old because the grammar isn't correct anymore.
The rule about the "ß" was changed, now you'd say "dass" instead of "daß" or "vergiss" instead of "vergiß"

just replace the ß with ss