Saturday, March 28, 2009

March 22, 2009

(The following have been deduced from Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations.)

"True. Except the seat is full of pigeon droppings!" (Taubendreck = pigeon droppings. I think. Tauben = pigeon, Dreck = droppings. Probably. I'm not going to assume it can be used with animals other than birds.)

"I mean, were that not the case, how then does one explain the difference in time?" (Not sure about the last bit, but I noticed a different way of using "if", in particular, "if that were not true". It actually just sounds like a different tense or mood for a conditional in German that isn't the same as just a plain if sentence.)

"The case will continue, as soon as Mr. Tigre has stepped onto the witness stand." (sobald = as soon as; there's probably a construction for as [adjective] as in English which goes "so[adjective]" ie, soviel, solang, etc.)

"Hey, the pot there talking about the teakettle, little hairknot girl!" (Tiegel = teakettle or tea pot. I think. It actually looks strikingly similar to the pot calling the kettle black argument.)

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