Saturday, September 13, 2008

September 13, 2008

(Deduced from Illusion of Time.)

Auch in scheinbar bedeutungslosen Melodien steckt ein Sinn.
Also in apparently meaningless Melodies, is a message.
(schein, I have known to mean "appear", as in apparently, but it's being used as an adjective here. I have the hardest time remembering bedeutung. I don't know why, but I do. And here, we see "los" added to the end of a word analogous to the English -less.)

Abhang --> hill (I'd like more examples though.)

Hindernisse = obstacle(s)

erfrischend = refreshing (so the root is probably frisch(en), and frisch is fresh; I've probably found the participle or something.)

Ich spüre, daß etwas Schreckliches geschehen wird.
I fear that something terrible will happen.
(Besides the "Ich habe Angst" construction, this is probably an easier way to say "I'm afraid..." Will find out more about its usage from other examples.)

beschützen --> Schutz = protection; Schutzwall = barrier ("Wand" is wall though...)

Du erinnerst mich an deinen Vater...
You remind me of your father... (Seems erinnern can also mean "remind" when there's a particular pronoun used as the direct object.)

einzige = only (I know "nur" means only as well, but it is used as a conjunction, and not as an adjective to refer to there being no others. So this is probably "only", the adjective.)

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