Friday, September 19, 2008

September 18, 2008

(The following have been deduced from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap and Final Fantasy Mystic Quest.)

I'm going to like this word. "probability" = Wahrscheinlichkeit

"They appear in every Zelda game and spit stones at you." (spucken = to spit, and treten = to appear; more literally, the verb is "to meet", so it would probably say "you meet them in..." This context makes sense though because the description may treat its reader as a stranger, and use the polite form of the 2nd person pronoun, "Sie". The only problem is that I'm not sure if you can use the same pronoun for different meanings or lose it completely after the "und". Perhaps "They meet in..." is idiomatically translated as "They appear in..." in English.)

And here's another example of "spucken": "'Floats' on the lava and spits flames that burns everything." (I doubt that's a literal translation of "float" because I'd expect it to look more like "Flugel", but it was the only English equivalent I could think of. I would think "versteckt" is closer to stand, but you don't say people stand on lava--particularly when the pictured creature above doesn't have any legs with which to stand on the lava.)

"...Tower, once the heart of this world, is now the center of darkness!" (Finsternis is probably some evil associated word--we already saw "finster" from Zelda; this is the noun.)

Can you move the boulder aside? (where I learn schieben = to move, shove)

"In the Ghost Forest grows a strange tree." (another example where wachsen = to grow)

"In the forest a tree blocks the way outside." (versperrt = block (in 3rd person))

I guess I remembered it wrong; it's Ausgang, not Zugang.
"We must reach the exit in the north."

"He has poisoned me! Poisoned, exactly like the trees!" (vergiften = to poison, Bäume = trees (the plural form))

"As soon as I have taken the power elixir, I will be alright again..." (the dark textbox; sobald = "as soon as..." probably.)

I missed the screenshot, but "so-" seems to be something added to certain words for constructions like "as (word) as..."

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