Thursday, October 9, 2008

October 8, 2008

(The following have been deduced from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations.)

"For whom would you write now?" ("wem" is the relative clause used when the reference is the indirect object in the question.)

"...seeds and the owl statue." (Eulen = owl)

"What is your name, boy?" (or how are you called... but Knabe = boy; apparently, that's one of the root words for "knave". I noticed that similarity.)

sodass = "so that..." (but I have strangely only seen this once...I guess purpose clauses aren't nearly as popular as they are in Latin.)

"...that, after which Ambi longs (for)?" ("wonach" --> wo + nach, where + after; verlangen = to long (for))

"...the Crescent island! Search for the..." (Sichel = crescent; or I guess sickle. And spüre, in the previous part of the sentence I initially took to mean to fear, but it is probably to sense. Since you don't fear that an essence is in the southern sea; you can sense it, but fear is probably the wrong word in the given context.)

"...taste entirely terrible!" (I guess we use scheußlich to say something tastes bad.)

"...I know that sounds rather ridiculous, but that is no joke." (I don't quite know about that last one, but I guess lächerlich = ridiculous, as in laughable.)

"Is that not obvious? Find the evil doer that has done that!" (offensichtlich = obvious; I eventually find out what those words mean; always.)

"Oh! It's you, little girl!...Um , ahh..." (Kleine = little girl; Kleiner = little boy; -e is apparently a feminine ending on certain words. Perhaps it's the ones that have "ein" in them?)

"Okay! Great to see you again, Mr. Inspector Dick!" (wiederzusehen = to see again; a greeting, not the same as saying auf wiedersehen, a farewell.)

"Puuuuh! Man, you have scared me! I almost had a heart attack, you idiot!" (Well, I don't quite know if erschreckt means to scare, but Herzinfarkt = heart attack)

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