Thursday, October 23, 2008

October 22, 2008

(The following have been deduced from Final Fantasy VII.)

"He is a phenomenon. He knows all." (Phänomen = phenomenon)

"The spirits that return back to the planet meld with one another and roam the planet." (I guess vershmelzen = meld, and I have finally noticed this, but miteinander is simply mit + ein + ander; with, one, and other/another; similarly, there's einander. Not so sure about durchstreifen; it said "roam" in the English one.

Here is a puzzle:

"The cover of the chest with the most oxygen." (At least I think Sauerstoff is oxygen. But meisten = most.)

And there it is, on the back of that box. The oxygen is from the plants.

"Behind black and white without heaven." (Without heaven? I have no idea what that last part is all about.)

And there it is, behind the piano. Well, it is most obviously black and white.

"...on the floor at the chair on the second floor... then after five steps left, nine steps up, two steps left, and six steps up." (Yes, I don't quite know what Knarren is... Schritte = steps)

And there it is, on the floor. I think that was the only place on the second floor where you could make those steps anyways.

"The fourth target is written with invisible ink..." (unsichtbarer = invisible, Sicht = sight, Tinte = ink. I think.)

"...That the one that I love most, that I respect most..." (where I originally considered meisten = most)

"Shut your mouth! Plant your behind on the chair there and drink the damned TEA!" (Haha, this is one of his more quotable things. But I suppose pflanzen = to plant, and it seems it can be used this way, and not just for real plants. Out of interest, the English one says "Sit your ass down in that chair and drink
your goddamn TEA!")

"With much sugar and honey. And don't forget the lard." (Zucker = sugar, Schweineschmalz = lard; I noticed that Schwein for pig was in that word, so I took the time to look up lard, and yes, lard does contain pig parts. So I guess that's what it's doing there.)

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