Wednesday, October 8, 2008

October 6, 2008

(The following have been deduced from Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations. I'm so happy; the European release of this game just came out three days ago...)

"And yes, I am 'cold'. I wear this mask also." (Is Darum some sort of conjunction? "Therefore", perhaps? The construction, "is cold" is used to say one has a cold. "Man ist erkältet.")

"Sigh. My hemorrhoids are playing up again..." (Hämorrhoiden = hemorrhoids; I'm not sure what the singular might be.)

"Find the evidence that you need..." (Conjecture: the relative clause "that, which, etc." takes the same gender and case of the word in the main clause it refers to. And Beweis for evidence is masculine.)

"My hemorrhoids never lie. It is over, Mia." (I just thought that was funny. And vorbei = "over".)

"Uumpf! My stomach is but no football, Mia!" (It was a funny line too. And then that means Bauch = stomach. Still.)

"Therefore, I really believe that fate has brought us together." (zusammengefähren= to bring together; just zusammen + gefähren, literally, I guess that would be "to lead together".)

"I cannot believe that she did nothing to stop her 'lover'!" (Well, I thought Lieber would be "dear" or "lover", but I don't really know what Liebsten should be...Actually though, this just made me wonder if kaum is some sort of negation.)

"Ooohhh...You have really lit a fire in my heart...and in my bottom!" (I believe he's referring to his hemorrhoids...I can't help it; it's funny. I'd still like to see more usages of entfachen.)

"I don't know what is more inflamed-- my spirit...or my hemorrhoids!" (another usage of kaum for the same thing.)

"But... the container was nowhere to be found, was it?" (I don't know what verdächtige is. I'm getting from this that nirgend- is the negation of irgend-.)

"What in three devils' names should we just do now!!" (That's an interesting idiom...I don't know why three though. And I guess I used "nur" as "just" here.)

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