Sunday, October 19, 2008

October 18, 2008

(The following have been deduced from Phoenix Wright: Justice for All and Final Fantasy VII.)

"It seems as if you have found the real basis for the murder!" (the "sieht so aus, als..." construction means "seems as if..." I've seen it a lot, but I think that's what it amounts to.)

Unfall = "accident"

I've seen it enough times, so I suppose je- could be added to lots of words like the definite article der.

Schwanz = tail

"My leg is stuck." (I don't know what fest is. But Bein = leg)

"How the devil should I know that? Do I seem like a mind reader?" ("zum Teufel" is an expression for "how/what the devil..." although "zum" seems to indicate "to the devil" (I just used a more idiomatic expression) and Gedankenleser = mind reader; Gedanken (thoughts) + Leser (reader))

"psst...whisper...whisper...(The first reactor that we have blown up was in the north sector.)" ("Luft jagen" literally means to chase air, but I think it may be used idiomatically to mean to blow up.)

einschalten = to switch on; ein + schalten (this complements the ausschalten I've been seeing in the menu of my Mac in German; that's simply aus + schalten, to switch off. In English, we simply say "shut down".)

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