Tuesday, October 21, 2008

October 20, 2008

(The following have been deduced from Final Fantasy VII.)

"Good question. But difficult to answer. I am what you see." (schwer = difficult; seems I can use "zu" after an infinitive for some sort of [adjective] + infinitive verb construction. I shall have to pay more attention to things like these. I'm wondering if German has its own form of the supine, or if that's only specific to Latin.)

"'Ride' the motorcycle with the (direction buttons), and rescue your friends in the 'truck' from the pursuing Shinra troops." (Taste = button; not so sure about lenke or Lastwagen though. Verfolgertruppen = the pursuing troops; it's Verfolger + Truppen; so I guess this is a sort of participle usage. Ironically enough, Motorrad might appear on my vocabulary quiz. I never expected it to appear here.)
UPDATE: Motorrad DID appear on my quiz. Kein Zufall...

"My mother is Jenova... Jenova-Project...Is that a coincidence?" (Zufall = coincidence)

Verräter = traitor

"Ha, ha, ha...my sadness? About what (where) should I be sad about?" (Trauer = sadness (ie, the noun) I've noticed things like davon, dafür, daraus, darauf, daran, danach, damit, dahinter, etc. are all simply da + [preposition], and it seems that if the prepositions starts with a vowel, an "r" is added before the preposition. They probably mean "with that", "from that", etc. although they sometimes probably don't need to be translated idiomatically in English, but work much better in German. Worüber is no exception, except replace "that" with a question word.)

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